Thank you for visiting West Tennessee Aviation’s introductory website.

        WTA is located on the Everett-Stewart Regional Airport, in Union City, TN, in the NW corner of TN at KUCY ( Starting in 1988, our specialty has always been the Beech King Air and the Piper Cheyenne aircraft. As a past Director of Maintenance of a large busy shop, AMR Combs Memphis, I learned that most customers like being involved with their aircraft and its maintenance. Our size promotes personal relationships and helps customers to be more informed about their aircraft. As corporate pilots or owner/operators, we know it is essential to have a quality maintenance home that can quickly resolve your problems, at home or out on the road. A maintenance option that provides focused quality at a fair price, reasonable turn around and keeping your aircraft’s value at its maximum.

Meet the Owner

        I am Gordon Wade, WTA’s owner. I have worked in the aviation maintenance industry for 33 years. As a teen, I was raised in a flying family. I served in the Air Force as a mechanic on KC-135’s. Later I attended Embry - Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, receiving a degree in Aviation Maintenance. In 1978 I worked at Memphis Aero Corp. at the Memphis Intl. airport. While a mechanic there, we maintained and sold new Cheyenne’s, Merlin’s and Commander’s. I worked on the hanger floor for several years, before becoming Director of Maintenance for AMR-Combs in 1985. Witnessing the confusion and variance of talent, I realized the value gained in a smaller shop, one with a specialty in one or two airframes. This helps with parts location and wise pricing, knowing where airframes wear, being aware of AD’s, MSB’s and overhaul/replacement items.

        My passion has always been Corporate Aviation and taking care of my corporate customers. In my career, I have attended Flight Safety’s maintenance training for the following:

King Air 90/200                          Cheyenne I, II & XL
Fairchild Merlin Turbo Commander 980/1000
Garrett TPE-331 Citation 500/550

        As a multi-engine, instrument pilot, I’m able to fly what we maintain. I am schooled and current in the King Air and Cheyenne. Many of my customers have listed me on their insurance policies for the ability to test fly or pick up and deliver their aircraft. I currently have a Barron which helps to provide quick AOG response service.

Company Objective

        My company objective is to provide fair, accurate, cost effective maintenance, enhancing reliability, safety and confidence. FAR 91.409 requires all turboprop owners to follow the guidelines of their aircraft manufacturer’s published inspection programs. Beech and Piper have very clear schedules for inspection frequency, mandatory overhaul / replacement items and special inspections. We provide each customer a working maintenance item report for planning and budgeting maintenance expenses by simply updating the current date and hour meter times. The more comprehensive maintenance records are kept in the customer’s file.

Overhaul and Hot Sections

        In addition to performing routine inspection maintenance, we own three STC’s which allow us to install the PT6A-21 or -28 engines on all the A-90, B-90 and C-90 models and -34’s on the A-100.

         For Hot Section and Overhaul, we prefer to utilize Pratt & Whitney approved support centers. We also have standing accounts with the FAA approved shops. We provide “Engine Overhaul Cost Monitoring” for any engine we represent during overhaul. We monitor each overhaul process for high cost parts, unapplied warranty or overlooked discounts. On occasion, I have found parts invoiced at well over fair market pricing and discovered unmentioned discounts. Many maintenance shops, lack personnel with the experience or incentive to question and make case over final invoice totals.

        For those customers with the M.O.R.E. STC Program, we are equipped to maintain the engines STC status to the required criteria. The customer is supplied with a working report for each engine, and it’s particular agenda.

We will truly appreciate your business and will always work hard to keep your aircraft safe and in the air.

Gordon Wade

President, WTA, Inc.